The ImpactLab FHNW & Venture Briefing event is designed to help students and recent graduates with an intent to pursue entrepreneurship to take their first steps towards building a successful company.

Date: Wednesday 27 April 2022
Time: 17:15 - 19:00
Place: FHNW, Aula, Von Roll-Strasse, Olten

The event will introduce you to some of the different offerings of ImpactLab FHNW: Venture Kick and First Ventures. The event features two experienced entrepreneurs from the region, one that was supported by the ImpactLab FHNW (Niklas Meindl, McomTech and one by Venture Kick.

They will talk about their startup and share details about their journey building a successful company. They will also help answer some of your questions during the Q&A session:

How to become an entrepreneur?
How to validate my idea?
How to fund my idea?
How to find help to bring my idea to life?

On occasion of the return of the Focus India delegation to Olten, the event will put special emphasis on the global opportunities of Swiss-based startups.

ImpactLab FHNW acts as a facilitator for other incubation programmes, such as:

Thank you to the Gebert Rüf Stiftung for supporting this event.